Building your new home with Forbes Capretto Home will be a fun and rewarding experience for the entire family.

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Working with everyone at Forbes Capretto made our first home building experience a great one. From our first encounter with Vicki , selections with Alisa and our project manager team (Gene/Phil) we couldn't be more pleased with their responsiveness to our needs and working with us to make this house what we had been dreaming of!

Sandra Bourque

To Everyone at Forbes Capretto, John and I wanted to thank you all so very much for the wonderful gift basket that was left for us in our new home! It has definitely come in handy already! Thanks to everyone for helping us to design and construct this fantastic home that we now have! We are so happy to be moving in and getting to enjoy it all! Thanks again for everything!

Joyce and John Wagner

Being a first-time home buyer, we had a lot of questions during and after the construction which were addressed in the best possible way with immediate attention. Though it got stressful towards the closing, thanks to the entire Forbes team, we had great experience and enjoyed the project right from the inception through the selection process and the construction. We definitely had a wonderful experience with entire Forbes team before and during construction.

A special thanks to Mr. Capretto for maintaining high standards and ethical values through his team at Forbes and building high quality product.

Kalyan Gangavarapu & Sirisha Jandhyam

We are so excited! Forbes Capretto Homes has been amazing to work with! It was a very sunny day when they first started digging! Kids got rocks to paint to remember this special day! Can’t wait for the end result! Thank you to the Forbes team for being so helpful! Stacey knew exactly what we were looking for & did her best to give us what we wanted for our budget! Alisa is just amazing with design & made the selection process so effortless! We have built before & it was nothing like that. She even came on appointments with us to help us make wise decisions & give us interior decorating advice. I can’t say enough good things! If you are looking to build please consider Forbes!

Rebecca Gallivan

The quality of the home is solid, but the best part of the process was working with the wonderful Forbes Capretto staff members! Everyone we have worked with has been AMAZING!!!!!!

The Todoro Family

As a Realtor, it is important to trust that your clients will be well taken care of by any builder you recommend. That has to be a relationship you can trust. I have that confidence in Forbes Capretto. And when it came time for my family to build a home, we chose Forbes Capretto for our new build too.

Jay Coles

I've had the opportunity to work with Forbes Capretto Homes numerous times. Stacey Spokane's professionalism and her wonderful way connecting with people mixed with David Capretto and his teams attention to detail and design truly make them a winning team. My clients are thrilled with their building experience and are always willing to refer their friends and family.

Karen Baker

First Class—that is the only phrase we can think of to describe our experience and relationship with Forbes Homes. From the moment we started the building process until long after the sales, Forbes Homes has gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.

Michael and Susan Chavanne

Forbes has been absolutely awesome to work with. the staff are amazing and we greatly appreciate all of your help with our stupid fence issue. You really stood by us and went to bat for us and we make sure we tell everyone how wonderful you've been. If we decide to move out of this crazy neighborhood we would build the same house in a different area.

The Garigen Family

This was our second Forbes Home. We enjoyed the process and all parties from Stacey and Alisa to John and Phil was fantastic. Above everything, quality is what matters most to my family and I am happy to say Forbes stands at the top of the builders good chain!

The Fadale Family

This is the second time my wife and I have built a home and the process with Forbes was second to none. Forbes went out of their way to walk us through every detail of the home, without us feeling pressured into getting something we didn’t want or need. In fact, we spent a significant amount of time finding the plan we wanted to work from but in the end decided we preferred a different layout. Our sales rep never batted an eye, starting the whole process over even though we had already put in considerable time designing the original plan. Despite the Forbes team doing this day and day out they made us feel like we were their first customer. It wasn’t lost on them that we were trying to build a home for our family that we could make lasting memories in. I think if I had to use one word to describe the process it would be accommodating. Even to this day, one year after moving in, they are still accommodating my requests. They were a pleasure to work with and if I built again there is no doubt that I would do it with Forbes!”orking with everyone at Forbes Capretto made our first home building experience a great one. From our first encounter with Vicki , selections with Alisa and our project manager team (Gene/Phil) we couldn't be more pleased with their responsiveness to our needs and working with us to make this house what we had been dreaming of!

Adam Shine

I have been very impressed with their dedication and service Forbes provides. They listen and work to help develop the house plan you want. They don't mind putting in the extra time in to get the job done. They have made the process very easy.

Stephen Kanutsu

As a realtor in the community not only do I recommend Forbes Capretto Homes but I built one of their beautiful custom homes 4 years ago and am thrilled!

Jennifer Warthling

We just love our home and are so appreciative to you (Stacey), and Forbes Capretto. After almost 4 years our house has held up wonderfully. And of course, we gave all the credit to you and your staff for being so helpful, thoughtful and kind throughout the whole process. Thank you again and all our best to everyone at Forbes Capretto.

Peter and Jennifer Gargano @ Waterford Estates, Clarence

We look forward to helping build your future in a new Forbes Capretto home.


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