Why Build?

When you’re ready to make the move to a new Forbes Capretto home, will it actually be “new” or will it be used? You have many choices, but before you make your decision, consider the advantages of purchasing a brand new home.



"New" means "new", not repaired, replaced, or renovated

A newly constructed Forbes Capretto home starts from the ground up. From the building materials to the systems that run your home and the appliances you rely on, everything is 100% new. You have the peace of mind that your home is warrantied, by the builder and the manufacturers of the products.

You don’t have to wonder what could fail next—and when. You won’t encounter those unwanted surprises when you start a renovation, only to discover some flaw in the original construction, unsafe electrical systems, or outdated plumbing that will add to the time and costs of your quest for the home you really want.



It’s energy efficient by today’s standards

Construction materials and methods continue to evolve, so a home that’s built today is more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than existing homes. When you factor in the energy savings, you can see the lasting value. Forbes Capretto is an ENERGY STAR certified builder, demonstrating our commitment to smart, safe, and energy-efficient new home construction.



Safety has been upgraded

Building codes have been revised to reflect higher standards for home safety, which includes codes for energy conservation, fire safety, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and fuel gas. A new home is built according to these more stringent regulations that protect you, your family, and your home.



A new home is 100% move-in ready

When you buy a used home, you probably have a wish list of changes to make. Maybe you want to repaint the walls, change the flooring, replace light fixtures, or update the kitchen or bathroom—maybe a combination of all of these. They could be purely cosmetic changes, but you still have renovating to do after you move in.

A new Forbes Capretto home affords you the opportunity to choose all the finishes, so you have a home that is completed to your liking. The floors and walls are exactly as you’d like. You’ve chosen your appliances, light fixtures, and every detail right down to the cabinet hardware and doorknobs. When you move in, your home is complete and ready for you to start your new life there!


We look forward to helping build your future in a new Forbes Capretto home.


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