A Clean Start: A Fresh Look at Laundry Room Design

In recent years, functional rooms like the kitchen and bathroom have been lovingly attended to by designers and manufacturers of appliances, fixtures, hardware, and every last detail. Just because these rooms reflect a particular task doesn’t mean they have to be boring. The kitchen is an enticing space. Bathrooms deliver a spa experience. So why can’t the laundry present a more satisfying experience? It’s time for a clean start here. Forbes Capretto Homes wants to give you a fresh look at laundry room design.

It’s a room. Treat it that way.

A laundry room has been accorded the same respect as a closet. You throw things in there, close the door, and ignore the mess. It’s not a storage space. The room is the area where you sort, wash, dry, and fold your household’s laundry. It’s not a place where you are going to linger any longer than necessary, but why not furnish and decorate it like any other room in your home—with purpose and flair? Choose a color palette for the room. Think about wall decor that reflects your style and personality.

When a room is organized and attractive, you give it respect, which means people might stop hurling their laundry through the door and ignoring the clean things that need to be folded.

Well, maybe not. But at least you won’t be embarrassed when people come through there (if it’s connected to your mudroom).

Add kitchen-like organization.

The washer and dryer dominate this space, but how do you handle the laundry that comes and goes? Add a sorting station, which could be hampers or baskets clearly marked. Install cabinets and countertops where you can store your cleaning products, extra linens, and the miscellany of things that have some affiliation with cleaning, like a broom closet (for brooms, vacuums, and mops) with shelves for paper products, trash bags, and laundry detergent. A front-loading washer and dryer can be topped with a counter, adding valuable workspace.

Keep the laundry room countertop uncluttered so you can use it to fold the clean laundry, rather than pile the items in a basket where they will possibly sit too long and gather wrinkles.

Open shelves add a nice accent to today’s laundry room design and present an easy way to incorporate storage and organization.

Separate the wet and dry zones.

While the washer and dryer are side by side, you can still separate the wet tasks from the dry ones. In addition to the washing machine, a utility sink is a great feature in a laundry room. Install one that is deep enough to handle anything from hand-washing delicates to grooming the family pet. A farmhouse sink you’d use in the kitchen fits nicely in the laundry room.

Next to the dryer, consider adding a drying rack where you can immediately hang anything that doesn’t tolerate the machine. This can be a rod, a drying shelf, or a pull-out rack—or possibly a combination. This same dry area should have a built-in, pull-down ironing board. Be sure to install an electrical outlet nearby where you can plug in the iron.

Make a splash.

The backsplash isn’t limited to the kitchen and bathroom. Dress up the space behind your laundry room countertops with a decorative backsplash. It will add an appealing laundry room design detail.

Your home is a collection of purposeful spaces. You can still organize and decorate any and all of them. When you’re thinking it’s time to make a bigger move than redecorating, contact us at Forbes Capretto Homes. We build communities of luxury homes for sale in Western New York. Take a look at our home plans and move-in ready, new construction homes or talk to us about building on your lot. You just might be ready for the clean start we offer!

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