Choosing the Right Decor for Your Luxury Home

Your home is a personal work of art. From the outside in, every detail contributes to the finished piece. When you’re buying a new home, do you want to move your current home’s interior styling or start fresh? Many of our Forbes Capretto Homes customers choose the latter. Choosing the right decor for your luxury home is a fun way to surround yourself with the color, style, and imagery that give you both comfort and pleasure.

Choose the Theme

The most important rule of decorating is to incorporate what excites you. Forget about all the trends in the magazines and the latest home makeover show. This is your home and it should promote your happiness.

However, a collection of “things” that don’t work in harmony will subliminally chafe your senses. The benefit of choosing a design theme is that provides a framework—a flexible boundary—on which you will build your interior decor. What gives you a sense of calm? What inspires you?

A mountain lodge, Tuscan villa, rustic farmhouse, French country, contemporary chic, or a flair for the formal are just a few theme ideas. Even here in Western New York,  you can center in on a coastal theme by using influences like the colors of water, sand, driftwood, and ocean sky. Incorporate natural elements, like distressed wood furnishings, wicker, sea glass, and seagrass. You can be subtle or dramatic—whatever suits your taste.

Plan the Color Palette

Where does your mind go when you think about your favorite colors? Do you like vibrant hues, rich tones, soft colors, or neutrals? Look in your closet. What’s the color scheme of your wardrobe? Often, the colors you wear reflect your preference.

Here’s a quick overview of four color schemes:

Monochromatic uses varying shades of the same color, from light to dark.

Analogous combine colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, like blue and green, green and yellow, or yellow and orange.

Contrast pairs colors of dramatically different shades and depths. Integrate a light color (or two) with a deep one.

Complementary is a blend of colors that appear opposite one another on the color wheel, such as blue and yellow. This blue could be anything from navy blue to cobalt to pastel, and yellow could be as pale as straw, as bright as a sunflower, or as rich as burnished gold.

Pick a Focal Point

The inspiration for a room in your home can come from something as simple as a vintage
piece of china you found in an antique store or an area rug you couldn’t resist even though it didn’t match your current decor. Maybe you love the gentle lines of a piece of sculpture, the texture of a rustic wooden table, or the intricate pattern of colors in a stained glass panel. Whatever the item, if you love it, use it. Establish this piece as the focal point that sparks the decor for the rest of the room. Build out your decor from this beloved item so that it emanates from here.

Achieve Balance with Scale

Whether you appreciate the simplicity of minimalist design, the vibrant splashes of color in maximalist design, or something in between, strive for a good balance in the size of your interior decor. Avoid overwhelming any space with furnishings that are too large or leaving it barren with small pieces that are spaced so far apart that they lack connectivity. Instead, create a blend of various sizes where no one item overpowers the rest of the room.

The professionals in Forbes Capretto Homes’ Design Center will guide you to the right decor for your new home. A local homebuilder, we build communities of luxury homes in Western New York, as well as building a home on your land. Browse our gallery of exteriors and interiors for a glimpse at what Forbes Capretto Homes could create for you. Then let’s talk more about the home that reflects the individual you are.

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