Meet Alisa Gasz: Interior Designer Extraordinaire

Alisa Gasz, interior designerThe woman who brings Forbes Capretto homeowners’ visions to reality is none other than Alisa Gasz. The interior designer has been in the business for 16 years and was recruited by Forbes Capretto Homes to be an integral member of our team. Alisa has a skill set that our customers love!

Her journey began at a FIDER-accredited college, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. She was talented enough to be hired her senior year by a well-known interior designer who could easily see her skill for design. After 3 years with Audrey Johnson Interiors, she joined the Forbes Capretto team.

Our customers typically come in with a vision, but it is Alisa’s job to make their  dreams come true.  With so many new products and design options her role to work closely with each individual to ensure they are getting a new home that  matches their lifestyle and taste. Alisa’s happiest moment is when customers tell her, at the end of the selection process, “Wow, that wasn’t stressful at all, it was actually fun!”

In addition to the creative and fun part of designing a home, Alisa is also responsible for setting up the customer start package, communicating with customers and vendors, and answering any design-related questions that Forbes Capretto Construction Managers may have.

One of the biggest challenges Alisa faces each day as an interior designer is making sure each little detail is in place before the building process begins. This allows us to deliver a complete customer start package to our contractors and vendors, which helps to eliminate miscommunication and mistakes during construction. It also creates a more enjoyable experience for our customers during the building of their new dream home in Western New York!

When asked what has motivated Alisa in her career, she notes that the continued evolution of her own personal interior design style and work is key. This consistent growth makes her feel motivated and ready to explore new products, try new ideas and watch them become a reality. Another motivating factor is hearing how satisfied each of her customers are with their new home.

We’re proud to have Alisa on our team, and she is equally as proud to be part of Forbes Capretto Homes. When asked what her favorite thing about working here is, she replied, “The conversations I have with my customers and fellow coworkers  – we have a close-knit group here who are like family. I get to know our customers on a personal level and that creates a bond that I will always have with them. To be a part of an experience that someone may only be able to do once is humbling. Building a home is a very big decision and I am happy that I get to be a part of it.”

When Alisa isn’t in the middle of designing, she enjoys spending time on the weekends with her husband and pugs. These relaxing days help her unwind and recharge her decision-making batteries. Whether it be trying a new restaurant, taking a walk around the city or just enjoying a night in, these activities help Alisa decompress after a long week. She will probably be found with a cup of coffee in hand and eating tacos whenever she gets the chance!

Forbes Capretto Homes is always thrilled to see what new design her creative mind will hash out next! For more information on designing your new home in Western New York, visit

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