Meet Julie Rauscher: Closing Coordinator

Julie RauscherAt Forbes Capretto Homes, we have an excellent team working to provide the best homebuying experience for all our clients. Whether they are designing the plans, building the homes or helping with the final paperwork, everyone plays a crucial role. One important member of our team is Julie Rauscher, our paralegal and closing coordinator for Forbes Capretto.

Before Julie found her way to us in January of 2017, she was a paralegal for 20 years. After working in many different fields of law, Julie realized real estate was her favorite. She sent her resume to Forbes Capretto for the open closing coordinator position and has been with us ever since!

A typical day for Julie includes opening files, preparing permits to be filed, requesting title work, sending out title work, ordering surveys and attending closings. Julie makes sure she follows a contract from signing to closing, ensuring all steps are properly handled and making the process as easy as possible for our clients.

“What has motivated me is the ability to make people happy,” said Julie, when asked how she stays inspired. “When working in other fields of law, you don’t always make the person happy at the end of their case, but with real estate, I am able to see them smile and be excited about their purchase.”

The clients are the biggest part of the job, and Julie prides herself in making their homebuying experience a great one. She can constantly be found talking on the phone, through email and in person with clients. Julie loves working with so many fantastic Forbes Capretto homebuyers and does what she can to make sure they are happy and excited as they close on their new home.

Any job comes with its own set of unique challenges, and a closing coordinator is no exception. Obstacles present themselves daily in the form of title issues, scheduling conflicts and more. This doesn’t scare Julie off! In fact, she tackles the challenges head on and sees them as some of the many things that make the job interesting.

When Julie isn’t working with clients, she can be found spending time with her husband and two children!

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