The Model Home Experience; Why Seeing Really is Believing!

The model home experience: Why seeing really is believing

We love the comfort of shopping from home. It’s so satisfying to click “Place Order” and check that item off your To Do list. But when it comes to choosing and buying a new home, there’s nothing quite like the model home experience. Discover why seeing really IS believing…at least with Forbes Capretto Homes.

Feeling the possibilities for the first time

While there’s certainly something to be said in favor of “easy”, some choices just must be made in person. There’s the close-up view, the touchy-feely, and even “the new home smell” that happens when you walk into a model home. You surround yourself with all the possibilities. What will my home look like? How will it feel to work in my kitchen, to relax in my living room, and to get away from everything and everyone when I retreat to my bedroom?

We see the excitement on the faces of people who walk in. It’s a sense of wonder. They step inside and stop, looking around and taking it in. And The Forbes Capretto Homes’ team lets them have that moment.

It doesn’t matter how much research you’ve done online. All those virtual tours and interactive floor plans moved you along your path to purchase. But a model home tour elevates virtual to reality.

What can you expect from a model home tour?

Once you’ve taken in the view of the model home from the entryway, the Forbes Capretto Homes New Home Consultant carefully guides you through this shining showcase of design ideas, fit, and finish. This is an important step because buyers can be overwhelmed and even distracted when they’re surrounded by so many details and the newness of it all. The New Home Consultant provides both focus and insight into what you’re seeing and why it matters in the big picture view of your new home.

The model home is fully furnished—curated by our professional interior designers—so that you can see it in “living mode”. Suddenly, you’re physically in the midst of those photos you’ve seen in magazines and on websites. Our New Home Consultants enjoy the “ooh” and “ahh” moments as prospective homebuyers pick up on details that add to the picture—the light fixtures, crown molding, the interior door style, soft-close drawers, and a backsplash, for example.

“We learn from our visitors. We see what they gravitate to, what impresses them,” says Steve Converse, Forbes Capretto Homes New Home Consultant. “Sharing this excitement with them is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job.”

During your model home tour, you walk from one space to the next, opening doors and drawers along the way, and feeling the natural light filling the rooms. You begin to sense what it would feel like to live in this home. Does it feel right? Does it feel like “you”?

You’ll also discover some details that come to your attention—whether you like them or not. Maybe you would prefer another color for the cabinets or a different style of a faucet. Possibly, you hadn’t thought about having a microwave installed in the kitchen island but it suddenly becomes a priority as you plan your new home. Or you wonder, “How have I survived without a walk-in pantry?” And you get ideas for furniture placement, feeling the flow of the space rather than looking at it in a photo.

Taking a model home tour—an actual, not a virtual tour—is something you owe yourself. It’s also a great idea to start your search of new homes for sale in this way. Begin your wish list here. Include what you want as well as what you’ve excluded, so you can zoom in on the must-have features of your new home.

If you’re searching for new homes for sale in WNY, Forbes Capretto Homes invites you to take a model home tour at our communities throughout the region. You can come at your leisure, but why not make the most of your time? When you plan ahead and schedule a personal meeting with one of our New Home Consultants, you are guaranteed to gather all the information you need to keep moving along in your planning. From your model home tour, you can also visit any of the available new homes for sale in the Forbes Capretto Homes communities. By the way, sometimes a model home is listed for sale, so if you love what you see, you might be able to have that exact home! You can get started by contacting Deb Dickman at 716-388-8930, Deb knows every home, every floor plan, and every community, so she can help you find the best ones to see. 

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The Model Home Experience; Why Seeing Really is Believing!

The Model Home Experience; Why Seeing Really is Believing!